A planetary research and innovation network

Stewarding a transition toward high-performing enterprises capable of enhancing the well-being of the communities and wider ecosystems within which they operate.

Sustainability is, by definition, enacted on the belief that the current state of development can be maintained in perpetuity, enabled with technology and behaviour change.  Flourishing, on the other hand, advances the possibility of realizing the living potential of individuals, communities, and ecosystems to regenerate well beyond the knowable future. Rather than sustaining to surviving, flourishing offers a vision in which people, our organizations, and nature can truly thrive.

Researching and platforming systemic management innovations (SMIs) and opening up distinctive potentials for organizations committed to flourishing.

systemic management innovation

The Flourishing Enterprise Institute is focused on enabling possibility by catalyzing the development and mobilization of systemic management innovations (SMIs).

SMI is an emerging field of knowledge, methods, and tools designed for the accelerating change and increasingly complex challenges enterprises face.

Convening applied research

New knowledge needed to enable the potential for enterprises to lead flourishing

Research evidence that contributes to mobilization and evaluation of SMI

Insight into how SMI can be further development to improve their applicability and efficacy within any context

Building a robust, ambitious and resourceful network of professionals and researchers

Mobilizing new knowledge and innovation by convening communities, delivering education, and demonstrating thought leadership

Systemic management innovations (SMIs) include management knowledge, methods, and tools that apply systems theory to recast how one or more aspects of strategic management are understood and practiced.

The Community for Flourishing Enterprise (C4FE) is a community of practice catalyzing a movement for flourishing enterprises, now open to serious practitioners and researchers. A regular program of C4FE colloquia meets monthly to discuss management innovation, to share applied research work, and to form collaborations for research and advising engagements. 

The C4FE meetings are a place to connect with others for partnership and opportunity development. Open to all.

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