C4FE Community

C4FE is the FEI’s official community of practice. This growing community is made up of a diversity of professionals, including practitioners, innovators and academics who share an interest in enabling flourishing enterprises.

After 101 meetings,  the original Strongly Sustainable Business Model Research Group developed into a community of practice committed to innovation and applied research. The Community for Flourishing Enterprise (C4FE) reflects the vision for this network for the next 1000 conversations and calls people from all disciplines and sectors who share the Institute’s aims for flourishing as sustainability.

Monthly C4FE sessions

The Flourishing Enterprise Institute hosts a regular cycle of C4FE sessions to share and engage the flourishing enterprise movement. These are casual conversations that feature innovative work and updates related to flourishing.

Monthly sessions are convened to:

  • Share talks on research and systemic management innovation
  • Build on ideas and support leadership
  • Engage a broad group of interdisciplinary partners and speakers

The Community for Flourishing Enterprises LinkedIn group has almost 3000 members and regular posts of interest.

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Systemic Management Innovations

Share the knowledge, methods, and tools that apply systems theory to recast how one or more aspects of strategic management are understood and practiced.

Dr Tim Posselt leads SMI initiatives | FEI Director, Learning and Innovation | Consultant | Visiting Researcher, Wilfrid Laurier University

Get involved

Contribute your experience and skills to the movement for flourishing enterprises. Engagement can deepen your practice and knowledge.

Milena Tasic is an FEI community builder | Design Leadership, The Innovation Hub at Veterans Affairs Canada

Monthly Sessions

Monthly 60 to 90-minute online sessions organised by speakers and presenting organisations. C4FE session resources are posted after the event and available via the knowledge hub.

Award-winning researcher Dr Tima Bansal is a C4FE contributor, The Compass | Founder, Innovation North