About C4FE

A community for flourishing enterprises

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The C4FE is the active community of practice for organizational flourishing, hosted  by the Flourishing Enterprise Institute.  After 101 meetings,  the original Strongly Sustainable Business Model Research Group developed into a community of practice committed to innovation and applied research.

The Community for Flourishing Enterprise (C4FE) reflects the vision for this network for the next 1000 conversations, calls people from all disciplines and sectors who share the Institute’s aims for flourishing as sustainability.

Monthly C4FE talks in 2024

The Flourishing Enterprise Institute hosts a regular cycle of C4FE colloquia to share and engage the flourishing enterprise movement. These are non-formal discussions among community leaders with innovative work and updates from innovation and research across the FEI and our partners..

Now into 2024 we are scheduling sessions on Wednesdays mid-month for:

  • Opening up broader involvement in C4FE
  • Holding regular C4FE talks on research and systemic innovation
  • Including partners and speakers from outside FEI
  • Building on your ideas and leadership

Peter Jones presented research from the ongoing GANE program (Global Assessment for New Economics) for the July C4FE presentation. The video is now  available, the talk based on our work on the 10 First Principles of New Economics.