Core Team & Contributors

Randy Sa’d, Executive Director

Randy has functioned as the Executive Director of the FEI since co-founding the organization in 2019. As a career management consultant, Randy has worked with both multinational and boutique firms, including his own private practice for more than fifteen years, and advised a wide range of private, institutional and not-for-profit clients. Randy also serves as the Executive Director of REFOCUS, a non-profit co-operative focused on enabliong senior leaders to respond more effectively to the accelerating change and increasingly complex issues emerging. Through REFOCUS, Randy co-developed and facilitates the Enterprise Evolution Program to support organizations adapting strategic management practices and building new capabilities. As a speaker, facilitator and lecturer, Randy's unique perspective on management and sustainability has allowed him to engage with dozens of professional and academic audiences in Canada and beyond. Randy is recognized as a Fellow of the Balsillie School of International Affairs at the University of Waterloo and the Viessmann Centre for Engagement & Research in Sustainability at Wilfrid Laurier University. Randy lives with his loving partner, two energetic children and loyal dog in beautiful Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

Dr Peter Jones, Academic Director

Peter Jones is the Academic Director of the FEI and was a founder of the FEI and SSBMG. Peter is a Distinguished Professor of Systemic Design at Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico, and is an associate professor at OCAD University, Toronto. Peter was a founding board member of the Systemic Design Association and of the systemic design symposium Relating Systems Thinking and Design and is editor in chief of the new SDA journal Contexts.

Peter has led an innovation strategy practice, Redesign Network, since 2001 for platform and systemic design in professional practices, healthcare, policy, and information services. Peter wrote Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience, a leading text for service design in patient-centred and clinical healthcare, and in 2022 published Design Journeys through Complex Systems with Kristel Van Ael, with whom he co-developed the Systemic Design Toolkit. Peter enjoys the adventure of travel, the exploration and learning in nature through human-powered navigation, and hosting arts and dialogue in creative settings.

Dr Tim Posselt, Director of Learning and Innovation

Tim Posselt is the Director of Learning and Innovation of the FEI. He is a German native and has been living in Toronto, Canada with his partner Anitta since 2020. Tim holds a PhD in Business Management from FAU in Nuremberg, Germany, and has gained extensive experience working in a research consulting environment at Fraunhofer Society in Germany, where he managed a team of researchers focused on Business Transformation. Throughout his professional life, Tim has been applying systems thinking to facilitate organizational transformation in various settings, from multinational businesses and small enterprises to local governments. As co-owner of a manufacturing business, he intimately understands the challenge of bringing transformative change into a web of pre-existing values, beliefs and organizational structures. Tim loves being active, meeting friends, and exploring different cultures, and tries his best to apply a systemic view to all aspects of life.

Milena Tasic, Community Builder

Milena is a designer with experience in the private sector (Idea Couture, Accenture) and government (design leadership, Veteran’s Affairs Canada). She is a creative problem solver who employs strategy, systems thinking, research, and foresight to help organizations grow and meet the needs of their users. Milena brings rigour and analysis from sciences and the artist’s zeal for exploration and experimentation. She thrives on managing design teams, providing strategic oversight, and evangelizing humanity-centred design. Milena holds a BSc in biology (minor in French Literature) from Western University and studied strategic foresight and design at OCAD University—her MDes thesis examined the impacts of climate change on Ontario’s wine industry. She professes to be a wanna-be polyglot and is currently (and always) dreaming up ways to make the world a better and brighter place.

Cheryl May, Contributor

Cheryl is currently a doctoral researcher focused on systemic leadership in complex organisations (London South Bank University, completing 2026). She edits the Relating Systems Thinking and Design proceedings and is executive editor of Contexts—The Systemic Design Journal. Committed to the evolution of new thinking and models for organisational complexity, her volunteer activities are dedicated to systemic design and adjacent communities such as and She recently completed an eight-year tenure as an advisor and board member at the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and was previously the social innovation practice lead at MaRS. She is a five-time executive director and led the development of the 211 information system in Canada, an initiative that received the Head of the Public Service Award for Excellence in Service Delivery.