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Mark McElroy, Antony Upward, and David Sloan Wilson

November 15, 2024

Systemic management innovation (SMI) is a term that has evolved within our network of innovators to refer to an emerging field of management approaches, methods, and tools that apply systems theory and design principles, leading to new or changed management practices. Developing theory and praxis of SMI is proposed as a way for enterprises and their leadership faced with the realization of complexity at scale to apply the mindsets, approaches, and practices required to go beyond the established leadership norms and boundaries to strive for sustainability-as-flourishing.


  • Mark McElroy shares how his science- and ethics-based management accounting method, the MultiCapital Scorecard™, enables organizations to measure, manage, and report their performance across the triple bottom line.
  • Antony Upward showcases the Flourishing Enterprise Co-lab’s generation of collaborative business design tools for developing business models fit for the 21st century.
  • David Sloan Wilson explains how ProSocial World’s powerful toolkit can enable cultural evolution and foster stronger relationships within and between groups.


Over a decade ago, Antony Upward, a business modeling expert, started to explore what this management function would look like if it were truly holistic and reflective of the wider complexity enterprises must manage within.  Applying a systems lens, Antony redefined the practice of business modeling by creating the Flourishing Business Canvas (FBC). The FBC represents a next-generation, visual collaboration tool used to design business models that are fit for the 21st Century. Flourishing Enterprise Co-lab

As an expert in management accounting and a former partner at a Big Four consultancy, Mark McElroy began to question why the field is almost exclusively focused on assessing and maintaining shareholder value, often at the significant expense of other stakeholders.  Mark was compelled to step away from the consulting industry to explore the potential of applying a systems-thinking, multi-capital lens to the practice of accounting. Through the completion of a PhD and collaboration with the infamous Donella Meadows, Mark developed the concept of Context-based Sustainability and the MultiCapital Scorecard (MCS). These two game-changing innovations illuminate how accounting practices must evolve to enable the possibility of achieving science- and ethics-based sustainability goals. About the MultiCapital Scorecard

David Sloan Wilson is a renowned evolutionary biologist who has deeply studied and engaged in exploring how evolutionary theory can be practically applied to enable groups to act more cooperatively and adaptively.  As president of ProSocial World, he has contributed to the development of an interdisciplinary, practical scientific framework designed to help groups function by sharing more resources and information, with greater coordination and trust, and with the ability to effectively pursue goals that would be difficult or impossible for individuals to achieve in the absence of prosocial techniques. ProSocial World

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