Feminist Business Models

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Petra Kassun-Mutch

March 9, 2021

Inside feminist entrepreneurship and business practice

Petra Kassun-Mutch is an award-winning serial social purpose entrepreneur and publisher who is deeply committed to creating a more inclusive, just, human-centred and generative economy through the power of feminist business practice, pedagogy, theory, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Her enterprise, Eve-Volution Inc. is a B Corp certified, lean, networked feminist enterprise that advocates for and designing programs that promote equity and inclusion in startup and community-based economic development ecosystems. Her magazine, LiisBeth, serves as a convener, capacity builder and voice for the growing, 10,000+ all gender, entrepreneurial feminist community.

Purpose of this presentation

  • Engage with values, concepts and practices that distinguish feminist enterprises from others
  • Learn about the feminist economy and the growing community of entrepreneurial feminists.
  • Share actionable business insights to deploy in your own work.
  • Feel more hopeful about advancing gender equity in our lifetime.