Building Tomorrow Together: Laying the Infrastructure for Intersectional Collaboration

Knowledge Hub, Upcoming

Stefan Fiedler Alvarado and Graham Boyd

July 9, 2024 | REGISTRATION coming soon

To achieve systemic change, it is inevitable to cooperate with others. This is often easier said than done. Within the current socioeconomic system, there are blockages preventing different stakeholders from collaborating effectively.

  • How many of these hindrances are systemic?
  • How many of them are part of the mental models we operate with?
  • What can we do to uncover those blockages and improve our personal and organizational capacity for collaboration?
  • Who do we look to to learn how to do this with realistic pragmatism?
  • What role do money and finance play in enabling systemic collaboration to tackle the biggest challenges of our time?

This conversation will explore how to improve collaboration in the private and public spheres, as well as how we can leverage the 4th Space of the Commons as the idea of shared, collaborative space that goes beyond the physical, digital, and social commons to ground the paradigm shift towards sustainable human coexistence with all life on Earth.


Weaving grassroots entrepreneurship, permaculture, and activism, Stefan focuses on how to support the deliverance of a regenerative, Solarpunk future. LinkedIn


Start-up founder and corporate innovation manager, Graham has extensive experience with the complexity of leading business and is driven to make a difference through innovation that enables businesses and people to do more with less friction. LinkedIn


Coming soon

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