Enterprise Evolution Program Featured at Quest Canada Meeting

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Canada cannot achieve its net-zero objective without the participation of communities. —Quest

by | Apr 3, 2024

On Thursday March 14th, I joined Quest Canada’s meeting of the Prairies Net-Zero Communities Accelerator Working Group. Quest supports communities in Canada on their pathway to a net-zero future by facilitating connections, empowering community champions and advising decision-makers to implement energy use and emissions reduction solutions that best meet community needs and maximize local opportunities. As one of many NGOs in Canada that serve the municipal sector, Quest recently developed an elaborate and well-designed theory of change (available here) that demonstrates that they appreciate the kind of transformation municipalities will need to engage in to accelerate progress toward a net-zero future.

During the session, we discussed the challenges municipalities face with complex issues and the role of Systemic Management Innovations in addressing them. I introduced the Enterprise Evolution Program currently being incubated within the FEI, including insights from applying this approach with the City of Kitchener to develop a 20-year vision and strategic plan and the City of Nanaimo to support operationalizing the Doughnut Economics model. The session also presented Working Group members with the opportunity to join the Municipalities Adapting in Response to Complexity (MARC) partnership the FEI has co-founded with the ICLEI World Secretariat, VERiS, and REFOCUS.  This session is an encouraging example of yet another climate action-focused NGO recognizing that the deeply-rooted barriers limiting progress call for new solutions.

Quest Theory of Change