Systemic Management Innovations

Systemic management innovations

SMIs include management knowledge, methods, and tools that apply systems theory to recast how one or more aspects of strategic management are understood and practiced.

Unlike conventional management knowledge, methods and tools, SMIs are designed for the reality that organizations function within complex systems and either implicitly respect or explicitly align with science- and ethics-based thresholds (the limits of ecological systems and minimum requirements for maintaining human well-being).

While significant research contributions have been historically made by many who have applied the lens of system theory to propose how management should evolve, there is a lack of guidance available to support leaders applying this knowledge in practice. SMIs respond to this gap between theory and practice by delivering the insights, approaches and techniques leaders need to confidently adapt strategic management practices. In essence, SMIs are designed to enable organizations to function in more integrative, collective and adaptive ways.

systemic management innovation

Apply systems theory to recast how strategic management is understood and practiced

Doesn’t conflict with science- or ethics-based planetary boundaries or social foundations

Contributes to the development of more integrative, collective and adaptive practices