What I’m reading: The Secret Wisdom of Nature

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Perhaps the most we can do is try to steward the conditions for nature to unfold its intrinsic regenerative potential.

by | Apr 1, 2024

Sometimes, good things come in surprising ways. The Secret Wisdom of Nature by Peter Wohlleben is not a book I bought or that someone recommended to me, but one that was given to my partner Anitta by a student of hers. It called to me from our bookshelf in a moment of frustration when my nonfiction-fiction books seemed too academic and my sci-fi novels felt too dull.

Only a few pages in, I knew I had made the right choice. The deep admiration for the interconnectedness of life with which Peter Wohlleben unveils the hidden wonders of our forests makes for a read that’s both informative and awe-inspiring. Drawing upon his expertise as a forester, Wohlleben captures the remarkable intelligence present within the natural world by exploring the forest as a set of interconnected systems.

At the heart of Wohlleben’s exploration lies the concept of the forest as a social network where plants and animals communicate, cooperate, and support each other in astonishing ways. Through engaging anecdotes and scientific research, he reveals feedback loops between flora and fauna that make a system thinker’s heart rejoice. Remove wolves from an ecosystem, and you might alter the course of rivers! In many cases, it’s impossible, even after much research and systems analysis, to judge whether a certain animal—say, a bark beetle—is a pest or a blessing for an ecosystem. In ecosystems of such complexity, who is to say if our interventions, well-intentioned as they may be, don’t have unintended consequences in ways we can’t even conceive? Rather than hastily throwing solutions at ill-defined problems, perhaps the most we can do is try to steward the conditions for nature to unfold its intrinsic regenerative potential, which is celebrated in this book in all its striking glory.  Central to this book, therefore, is the recognition of humanity’s place within this intricate network of life. Because if one thing is (even more) abundantly clear after reading this book, it’s how human intervention upsets a balance so finetuned that no amount of data can reveal its workings.

The Secret Wisdom of Nature is a remarkable book not only because it makes for an informative yet fun and easy read; much more than that, it leaves the reader with a sense of awe at and deep connectedness with the systems of nature we’re a part of. It thereby inspires readers to cultivate a greater sense of reverence and stewardship for the planet we call home.